It is 1978 when the designer Gianni Versace decided to create a fashion label that bears his name. Presented at Palazzo della Permanente in Milan, the brand's first collection presents all the elements that will determine the success of the brand: a distinctly sexy and glamorous style, high quality fabrics and leathers used, great sartorial mastery. After the death of Gianni in 1997, the sister Donatella took the reins of the fashion house. Donatella's collections are aimed at women who are bold, sensual, gritty but always sophisticated. Characteristics that the designer has expertly translated into Haute Couture garments and accessories, proposed in pastel shades or in the most classic colors and embellished with details in Magna Graecia style, such as the Medusa, symbol of the fashion house and its incomparable charm.



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  1. Versace La Medusa small hobo bag in black

    $ 1,469.00
  2. Versace La Medusa camera bag in black

    $ 1,323.00
  3. Versace La Medusa camera bag in black

    $ 1,323.00
  4. Versace Safety Pin Logo T-shirt in white

    $ 1,055.00
  5. Versace Safety Pin embroidered sweatshirt in black

    $ 802.00
  6. Versace Medusa embellished mini dress in black

    $ 1,536.00
  7. Versace Safety Pin sling back in black

    $ 1,055.00
  8. Versace La Medusa wallet in black

    $ 521.00
  9. Versace La Medusa card holder in black

    $ 267.00
  10. Versace Medusa Tribute hair clip in gold finish

    $ 294.00
  11. Versace La Medusa belt in orange

    $ 387.00
  12. Versace Virtus belt in white

    $ 468.00
  13. Versace La Medusa belt in black

    $ 387.00
  14. Versace Tailored pants in black

    $ 1,002.00
  15. Versace Baroque Print Shirt in gold

    $ 1,323.00
  16. Versace Logo T-shirt in pink

    $ 347.00
  17. Versace Medusa belt in black and gold color

    $ 428.00 -20% $ 342.00
  18. Versace Abstract art style dress

    $ 2,004.00
  19. Versace Floral mix patterned shirt

    $ 1,670.00
  20. Versace Wool single-breasted coat in red

    $ 4,609.00
  21. Versace Silk pleated mini skirt in white and multicolor

    $ 1,323.00
  22. Versace Silk pleated mini skirt in black and multicolor

    $ 1,736.00
  23. Versace Gold Hibiscus print silk blouse

    $ 1,734.00
  24. Versace Alphabet print silk twill pleated skirt

    $ 1,333.00
  25. Versace Shirt with multicolor pattern

    $ 1,310.00